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A village school in Limpopo celebrates getting Water Tanks and a Borehole

The children of Nyatema Primary School in Limpopo Province had been facing water challenge. They did not have enough water to drink, wash their hands, or grow their vegetable garden. The school had only one old water tank that often run dry, and no borehole to pump water from the ground.

The teachers and the parents tried to find a solution, but they did not have enough capital or resources to install a new water system. They raise their concern to the Department of Education Limpopo but they did not get any response. They felt hopeless and frustrated and so did the children.

One day , a group of visitors came to the school. They were from a non-governmental organization called Water for Life , which aimed to provide clean and safe water to rural communities. They've heard about the school's water challenge and wanted to help. They brought with them three (3) new water tanks , a solar powered borehole and a water filter. They also brought up some tools and materials to set up the water system.

The teachers , parents and the learners were overjoyed. They welcomed the visitors with so gs and dancesand also helped them to install the water system. It took them two days to complete the project, and then they celebrated with a big feast. The learners drank fresh water from the borehole , washed their hands with soap and water theri vegetable garden. They thanked the visitors for their generosity and kindness , and promised to take good care of the water system.

The visitors were happy to see the childrens smiles and the schools transformation . They also gave them some books and posters about water conservation and hygiene, and encouraged them to share their knowledge with others. They hopes that their water system would make a positive difference in the lives of the children and the community.

The children of Nyatema Primary Schoolhad a bug challenge of water, but they also had a big dream. They dreamed of a better future, where they would learn, grow, and thrive. And thanks to the water system , thier dream was closer to reality.


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