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Bekkersdal community protest over illegal immigrates

By Rebone Motlhokwane

The community of Bekkersdal, west of Johannesburg, took to the streets today in their community to protest against illegal immigrants in their area. This is after eight women were raped in Krugersdorp last week.

The pictures below are from the community protest.

Protest of illegal immigrants in Bekkersdal. Picture: Rebone Motlhokwane

Resident said they are scared of taking their children to school. Picture: Rebone Motlhokwane

Residents said this protest will impact Basotho nationals who have long being living in South Africa and that those that come recently in South Africa are the ones who cause trouble. Picture: Rebone Motlhokwane

Women in Bekkersdal said they do not feel safe in their community. Picture: Rebone Motlhokwane

Police were closely monitoring the situation. Picture: Rebone Motlhokwane


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