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Happy feet at Eric's Shoe Repair shop

On the corner of Shabangu Ave and Kekana Cres, in Mamemlodi West, a blue shack known as Eric's shoe repair shop grabs your attention. The shop has been a part of the community for over a decade, catering to the community needs of those who are in need of solutions to their shoes problems.

Eric's shop open for business
Corner of Shabangu Ave and Kekana Cres where the shop is located. Picture: Gontse Sello

a brown satchel leather bag.
A satchel bag used to carry tools. Picture: GontseSello

Eric's work station
Shoe sole machine. Picture; Gontse Sello

outside Eric's shoes repairs shop.
Outside Eric's shoe repairs shop. Picture: Gontse Sello

Ready to be collected by clients.
Ready for collection. Picture: Gontse Sello


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