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Humans, animals and nature living in harmony in and around Moroka Dam, Soweto

Moroka Dam, together with Thokoza Park, was rehabilitated in 2002 by the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA). The pictures below show plants, animals as well as people living in harmony in and around the dam. Both horses and goats need no guides to show them where to go or what to do, as they are familiar with the place. Human beings also show appreciation of their surroundings as they do not abuse or mistreat the animals. The trees are also well grown as they are not cut for wood as it is winter in the country.

A view of Moroka Dam in Moroka, Soweto. The place was named after Dr James Moroka, former president of the ANC who led the movement in the 1950s. Picture: Nkululeko Zondi

Horses are freely grazing grass in Moroka Dam, next to Rockville, Soweto. Picture: Nkululeko Zondi.

Two horses graze freely at Moroka Dam. They seem unconscious of the goats and humans nearby. No owner stands by guiding or protecting them.

A pensioner of Moroka practising golf as a hobby near the dam. Picture: Nkululeko Zondi.

A pensioner from Moroka, Soweto is practising golf near the dam with the two horses nearby. He has about twenty balls that he is hitting towards a target. He fetches them all after hitting and begins his practice again until he goes home.

Green trees in the dam even though it is winter. Picture: Nkululeko Zondi.

Green trees are also found around the dam even though it is winter. Winter is a dry season. It seems seasons do not come to pass here. It is always summer when one looks at the trees.

Goats are grazing on their own in Thokoza Park, they do not have a shepherd with them. Picture: Nkululeko Zondi.

Birds enjoying the sun in the soccer field during the day in Thokoza Park before soccer players arrive. Picture: Nkululeko Zondi.

A used candle and a torn cloth stuck by the root of the trees in the stream in Thokoza Park. Picture: Nkululeko Zondi.

A candle and cloth remain, possibly from a ritual. Rituals are performed at night when people are believed to be asleep.

A horse eating grass and a pensioner in the background playing golf as well as young boys playing soccer in Moroka Dam. Picture: Nkululeko Zondi.


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