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I was not kidnapped: Former Operation Dudula Alex spokesperson

Former member of Operation Dudula in Alexandra location Agnes Malatjie. Pictutre: Given Motswiane

By Given Motswiane

The public representative office of Operation Dudula in Alexandra, north of Johannesburg, has clarified the confusion on whether she was kidnapped or not after resigning from the movement on Monday.

Agnes Malajie resigned from Operation Dudula after 8 houses were damaged and five people were attacked allegedly by members of the organization on Sunday night in Alexandra.

Malajie said she was not kidnapped as per rumors on social media. "I was never kidnapped and I won't dwell much into details," Malajie said. She said she is safe at home and let us not at all worry about her.

Malatjie said what happened in Alexandra over the weekend goes against what she stands for" everything that happened over the weekend made me realise that this is not me, I can't participate in such. However, I will form part of the community and still be active in legit activities," she said contacted Operation Dudula in Alexandra for comment but they said the person who was mandated to comment could not do so because he has been arrested.


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