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Snekeneke, Kasi football tournament back with a bang

Former Orlando Pirates player Khethokwakhe Masuku playing at the Snekeneke games. Picture : Twitter: (@FARPostZA)

The township football tournament features top teams from the province that have won local tournaments in the past few months and will run from October 29, 2022, with a final to be staged on Sunday, November 20, 2022. The matches will only be played on weekends and strictly on a knockout basis from the onset.

"Snekeneke pre-festive games is the Kasi tournament that brings together winners of all tournaments or most tournaments in the township. It's really about how do we get back to the community of Snake Park and Soweto and other surroundings, kasis or townships,” said Chairman of Snekeneke, Tshidiso Leshaba.

Other areas that participate include Ekurhuleni, the Vaal and Mogale City.

“The other bigger aim around it is how do we ensure that players that are not in professional setups still get the right exposure and get scouted at the gates," said Leshaba.

This football tournament is more than the prize money involved. It's also intended to address several issues that deal with social cohesion and the upliftment of the local community.

“Let's bring hope into the communities that are previously disadvantaged. Let's bring hope to the kids that have not received the opportunity to play the professional setups. Let's bring hope to the kids that have not received the opportunity to play the professional status. Let's give hope and abilities to businesses that have not been able to own their own franchises, and change their lives, and let's bring them together in one place,'' said Leshaba.

Snekeneke games will be at Block 7, Snake Park and broadcast live on VisionView.


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