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South African journalists stand with media workers in Gaza

Thousands of journalists have died in Gaza since October 2023. Picture: Lerato Molale

By Lerato Molale


Journalists in South Africa have rallied together to be a voice of strong support and solidarity for journalists reporting in Gaza.


On the 23rd of January, a group of South African journalists released a statement of intent condemning the unprecedented killings of journalists in Gaza.


At the time of publishing, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) said 83 journalists and media workers had been killed in Gaza and the West Bank since the 7th of October 2023.


A group of South African journalists have come together to organize a vigil in support and as a tribute to the journalists in Gaza. Ra’eesa Pather a journalist and member of the organisation committee for the vigil shared that the coordination began in Cape Town, and journalists in Johannesburg and Durban, primarily Deshnee Subramaney and Nkosikhona Duma reached out and as colleagues they all decided on a common date for the vigil. The vigil being held on Sunday January 28.


“It is our duty as reporters because we work in the public interest to say we have before us the facts of what is happening and as human beings, we object to this, especially in terms of our colleagues” shared Panther. 


Ra’essa believes the vigil will be a “space of expression and healing for our colleagues in South Africa who have been witnessing what our colleagues in Gaza have been going through each and every day.”


She said they received over 300 signatures from editors, journalists and media workers from across the country and other countries. Which Ra’essa describes as, “encouraging and heartwarming” and hopes that journalists in Gaza will, “see efforts in South Africa and see our solidarity and feel inspired to continue their courageous work in the face of this unprecedented violence”.



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