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A hiking gem for University of Limpopo students

By Mokgethwa Mmethi

Inside the University of Limpopo located at Turfloop Mankweng, is Sovenga Hill where students can go to relax by taking a mini hike. Below are pictures of what you can expect hiking on top of Sovenga Hill

Sovenga Hill, where many University of Limpopo students go for hiking experience. Picture: Mokgethwa Mmethi

This is at the bottom of the mountain, the stones and trees seem impossible to get through. Picture: Mokgethwa Mmethi

Kalanchoe Robusta, found on top of Sovenga Hill. Picture: Mokgethwa Mmethi

This is called Gifboom tree. Very beautiful but quite poisonous, students are advised to play far from it. Picture: Mokgethwa Mmethi

"The stone of rest" as many students call it. This where many rest during their hike. Pictures: Mokgethwa Mmethi

University of Limpopo view from on top of Sovenga Hill. Picture: Mokgethwa Mmethi


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